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Enterprise 2.0 – Leveraging Web 2.0 for your Business Transformation

Enterprise 2.0 – Leveraging Web 2.0 for your Business Transformation

As per my previous post on Web 2.0 I tried explaining the various components of Web 2.0. This article talks about how Web 2.0 can be leveraged in the real-time scenarios for transformation of businesses from the regular way to a completely new way.

I have taken some examples of various industries and the marketing strategies which can be implemented to transform the regular way of doing business using Web 2.0 techniques.

Topics that I would be covering:

HR 2.0 – New recruitment methods, HR consultancies and agencies, Job Portals, Online Hiring, Peer hiring, Referral hiring, Professional networking
Travel and Tourism 2.0 – Online travel portals, online tourism portals, importance of blogs and reference communities, New MICE strategies.
IT Services and Products 2.0 – New marketing strategies for IT services using Web 2.0.
Finance 2.0 – Financial consultancies, Credit rating agencies, Credit Card companies, BFSI and Financial Services marketing

Definition Web 2.0:
“Web 2.0 is the advancement in Internet technology. It's like a group of financially viable, socially active, and technologically collaborative changes in behavior, attitudes, tools and applications that are allowing the Web to become the next platform for communication, collaboration, community, and cumulative learning. And off-course drive sales and generating revenues”

HR 2.0

Many online Job portals came into existence few years back. This was more or less a copy of what people did in US and the ideas were replicated well in India and we saw the emergence of online job portals like , , and many more…

Things are going very fine for these job portals but suddenly the disruptive technology of Web 2.0 is going to change the idea of focused Job portals soon.

So what has happened?
Emergence of Professional Networking websites like:,,, and many more similar ones.

Suddenly, people started finding the correct people on these websites than on job portals. If you survey the leading HR consultancies today you would realize that they are using multiple approaches in finding the right candidates. Off-course the Top choice will be still Job portals as the database sizes are humongous. However, are consultancies able to find the correct candidates from the job portals? May be you might but not always. With ever increasing demands from the clients to find a specific candidate with a very niche skill set etc it gets very difficult for them so what do they do?
More and more consultancies and specially the start-ups are moving on the newer techniques like searching in professional networking websites. Not only this, with the emergence of niche professional communities like ,, , ,, and many more like this. They are referring to niche groups of premium colleges, yahoo groups and google groups for the same.

In short if you need to hire the right person and meet the demand of your internal audience you need to understand the profile and see what that person likes and where on earth would you find that person hanging out? {if not earth at least on net} Gel in with his / her behavior and offer that person the correct fit that he would want to have.

Why did this happen?

This specific behavior has many reasons, primarily:

-Proliferation of internet.
-People getting socially active.
-Innate need for communication with peers.
-Insatiable desire to learn more.
-Personal feelings to share knowledge.

In today’s world the customer is much more informed than he/ she was 20 years back when the kinship used to provide information on what to do with one’s career. In today’s world people are talking there own decisions based on the knowledge available on line. Today if I want to become a Pilot I can login to some online community and get in touch with some pilot and try to understand what does his job needs him to do on a day to day basis and this will help me take a decision.

Or can we call it “Socially Active” and “Collaborative” attitude using the Web 2.0 tools for the new age “HR 2.0”?

How can your business benefit?

So what should be looking at in the coming times? They have already attempted a Blog. They run news-letters to distribute the relevant content to the audience, so what next? Well, just imagine, today anyone who is looking for a job, logs on to and sees a personalized page where he can customize his job needs, manage his resume etc. What if, the candidate sees a small section where he sees some recommended jobs and some other people who are already working in that company can be available to share some more details? More like a social network inside a job portal?

Though people can argue that it might loose anonymity and privacy can be issue, however, constructing something which is just correct for a job portal can immediately boost the relevance of the content on and people would love to come back. Not just a social network, if the people of the same caliber want to share the best practices etc? So now it’s not just about finding a job, it’s about learning and networking. “Enhancing Interaction” is the key and giving people a platform for being more “Socially Active” and collaborative. Does it make more sense?

Will be talking about Travel and Tourism 2.0, IT Services and Product marketing 2.0, Finance Marketing 2.0

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Hi Sachin,

Thank you very much for reading (& commenting on) my
HR 2.0 post. We do share similar viewpoints! I liked reading yours as well. It is amazing how Web 2.0 is transforming business as well as general interraction.

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