Sunday, February 17, 2008

Buyer Types - Intuitive, Thinkers, Feelers, Sensors

If psychologists were to define the purchasing behavior and the “kind” of people who buy, it would be something like this:

Intuitive: This group uses intuition to concentrate on possibilities, avoiding details in favor of a “Big Picture” view, they are susceptible to a “next generation” strategy of differentiation. For eg, when Advil positioned ibuprofen tablets as “advanced medicine for pain, they perfectly differentiated themselves as the “Big Picture” crowd.

Thinkers: This group is analytics, precise and logical. They possess a lot of information, often ignoring the emotional or feeling aspect of situation and frequently act in response to the facts about the product. BMW’s differentiating strategy of “ultimate driving machine” and discussion of ergonomic design and maneuverability plays well with “thinkers”.

Feelers: This group dispenses with intellectual analysis in favor of following there own preferences, an ideal group for third party endorsements for experts who look and sound real. Miracle-grows “choice of experts” campaign (nice people surrounded by flowers) is the perfect “feeler” strategy.

Sensors: This group sees things as they are and has a great respect for facts, an enormous capacity for detail and a knack for putting things into context. Hertz’s differentiating strategy for leadership (“there’s Hertz and there’s not exactly”) is a great program for sensors, who accept it as common sense that the company is the best.

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