Friday, February 01, 2008

Travel and Tourism 2.0 - Leveraging Web 2.0 for your Business Transformation

Travel and Tourism 2.0

This is in continuation to my previous post on Enterprise 2.o.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) have always been a large and rapidly growing industry. So what is happening on this front?

So what happened?

Well a large portion of work being done by local travel agents and DMCs has been taken over by online portals like ., and the alike. Initially they started off with just travel bookings; however, soon they realized the importance of Hotel bookings etc. and launched more services through their online portals.

Why this happened?

Well ever increasing pressures on reducing the costs and enhancing customer service put pressures on agencies and consultants to find more efficient ways to reach customers and come up with innovative methods for end to end services and better customer satisfaction. As well as ROI calculations on meetings, conferences and exhibitions are showing a clear picture that they are a costlier way of reaching audience. Simultaneously, Incentives industry is seeing more boom because of increasing pressures of employee attrition. HR managers are coming up with more innovative Incentive programs for travel bonuses etc.

What can be done for your organization?

Many SME and large organizations have realized the ROI from exhibitions is way too less as compared to other channels. Organizations are now focusing on companies which provide very focused meetings and congresses like where the environment is B2B and the focus is business than branding. The advantage for people is interaction on a one-to-one basis which drives the event and delivers much better results than any other event.

So let’s say today if wants to differentiate itself from they can probably look at creating blogs integrated with websites for recommendations on which places to travel, how their website was cheaper in providing travel tickets plus what additional services they were able to get from What are the featured destinations and testimonials from people who enjoyed visiting such places using the services from this specific website? Enable interaction through recommendations, testimonials, videos, widgets etc. Direct tie-ups with corporates for special Incentive packages, driven by recommendations from previous users and more. Special prices for let say all employees from Wipro or Infosys if they book from .

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