Friday, February 15, 2008

Maharashtra Violence - Rape of Democracy

When people in parts of India struggle to earn their meal, once a day, they struggle to get a clean glass of water and a shelter to sleep, there are some people, Raj Sena, who believe in promoting communal hatred and instigating violence and create unrest in country. The recent attacks against Biharis is a shameful act, these people are working hard away from their native homes just to live a simple life and make a living...but it seems its not getting down someone's throat.

The recent Maharashtra communal violence is another shameful act against democracy and shows how weak are the fundamentals in Indian politics. For ages we have faced the brunt of dirty politicians and today again we are seeing the open rape of democracy. When people were dying in parts of Maharashtra, was the government trying to contemplate whether they should take an action against the person who instigated this communal hatred?

It took them almost 1 week to arrive at a conclusion that the person behind this should be put behind bars and that too within hours of arrest; the person was released on bail. It’s not that this doesn’t happen in other parts of the world, but its unfortunate and I feel ashamed of the fact that I am part of this system. These individuals who have been trying to overshadow constitution and law should be brought to justice. What is the government waiting for, some more deaths?

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