Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AMEX India marketing needs to re-look at SEO strategy

AMEX India marketing might need a couple of SEO Lessons for it's credit cards business.

Just at the time when American Express (AMEX) is spending so much of advertising dollars on their AMEX credit cards like Platinum, Gold, and Kingfisher First and Lamborghini is on stake…strangely their website is not optimized for some crucial keywords i.e. Kingfisher and Lamborghini Gallardo.

One of the key hype factors used by AMEX is Kingfisher First tie up as well as Lamborghini Gallardo. When I was searching for “kingfisher AMEX card” my blog entry came up higher than the AMEX website.

The keywords used are: "keywords" content="Apply, Online, Business, Travel, Service, Management, Cards, Commercial, Expenses, Corporate, Corporations, Events, Entertainment, Financial, small, medium, mid-sized, SME, company, business, Learn, Market, Purchasing, control, American Express, Credit, Amex, India"

However, 2 key keywords missing are kingfisher and Lamborghini. Just because of not using this keyword, AMEX might be loosing a large number of website visits. It should be part of the online marketing plan where they should optimize the website for certain buzzwords for a limited time period.

Another Goof-up is the unoptimized landing page by omniture which is being used for the Google ad-words SEM campaign.

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Again the page is not optimized for keywords though it does have the design element to attract the audience. Just like this instance, there are many organizations which have delved into the online space but it becomes apparent that the online strategy needs to be re-looked and given more attenion than being given now.

This can be because of the reasons that Indian market may not be that lucrative for AMEX as long as the online sales is considered. However, having a robust and integrated marketing strategy is mandatory these days and we should ignore the Indian market which is surely catching up with the fast growing number of subscribers in India.

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