Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sachin Uppal's New Blog at Wordpress.com on Technology | Marketing | Communication

I started a new Blog at wordpress.com it’s a mirror copy of my present blog. You can visit the new blog here.

About me:
Sachin Uppal, can be called an apt sailor between technology and marketing mindset, I am helping organizations to grow revenues through marketing channels. Extremely passionate about Technology, Marketing and Communication. Want to be known as a Techno-Marketing Guru before departing from this world!

I already have a blog called Sachin Uppal with blogger.com. I write about Marketing, Communication, HR and small / big things in life. I have a keen interest in New Technology, IT, Telecom, Wireless, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Finance and Consulting (quite a lot, I know, but I like reading about these and enjoy the same). I changed the theme of my present blog: Marketing Communication Technology.

Now the question: Why Am I writing another blog?
Answer: Well, I was browsing through LinkedIn and saw a question asked by some gentleman, which blogging platform is good and why? And looking at the answers a majority pointed at Wordpress, because of its flexibility, open source etc. so I thought why not try this one out may be I might learn something new and as I said, I am a technology enthusiast, what more reason can I find to try out new piece of technology!

Drop in your comments and critcism here.

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