Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How can Social Networking be mixed with Professional Networking?

One of my favourite professional networking sites is .

I like the new features that LinkedIn keeps providing and the way they have been able to differentiate themselves from the rest. Here is one suggestion from my side on how Social Networking be mixed with Professional Networking in this Web 2.0 world?
Earlier I wrote about Enterprise 2.0 and this post can be one marketing strategy which can help these websites or Enterprise 2.0s.

I do not have the percentages with me, however, a good number of people write blogs and who would be part of LinkedIn professional network. Now if LinkedIn provides a functionality of pulling the individual's blogs into LinkedIn and there is one option given to people (some kind of a widget or linklist) where we can follow blogs of individuals we have subscribed to and whenever anyone writes a new entry, the status shows, new content.

What's in for Linked In?

1) With user generated content, LinkedIn's search volume will increase.
2) More search More Traffic More Ads More Revenue
3) Provides more loyalty and more individuals to be pulled in (more accounts)
4) More time spent by individuals on LinkedIn.
5) Enhances social interaction and still keeps the professional touch.

Disclaimer can be given that any offensive content on blogs or any content violating LinkedIN policies will be terminated.

What's in for users?
1) I get to promote my blog and ride on LinkedIn's popularity.
2) I get a feeling of statisfaction that my opinion is being Read / Heard to my worldwide network.
3) Gives me more resaons to go back to the website and spend more time in reading what others are writing. etc.

Eg: has done a brilliant job in doing this and it has definitely boosted their website traffic, it can be a similar approach. Even allows you to pull in your blog from other blogs.

Even other professional networking websites like , , or may be new HR 2.0 based websites like , or similar kinds can do that.

It's an instant way of boosting your website and positioning as the perfect platform for professionals and executives to network and share knowledge worldwide.

Any thoughts on this?

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