Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will Google Go Mobile? What if, it does…

Will Google Go Mobile? What if, it does…then in future you can talk to anyone on Gtalk running on a Google Phone running on a Google Android having a Google Prepaid or Postpaid connection and browsing Google.com to search for any product on Google’s retail website and buy it through Google Checkout.

Amidst the speculations from the media on whether Google will go the Mobile route or not, this is what you can expect if Google Actually goes mobile.

If google gets the Bandwidth, they will pose a big threat to the Telecom Companies, because Google already have the software ready for the hardware and there have been successful trials and prototyping done.

So if tomorrow Google gets the spectrum it won’t be surprising that they run a parallel program to the open handset alliance and come up with their own revolutionary device the much rumored Google Phone.

So what does it mean for the other Telecom providers? More competition, shifting customer loyalties above all focus on better services and best prices for customers.

If it does happen, the question would be: “Can Google fight the giants in terms of services?” and will a product company completely translate itself into a services company?

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