Thursday, January 03, 2008

Web 2.0 Jargon for 2008, New terminology for 2008

2007 2008

Open Api’s --> More open widgets
Widgetization of the Web --> Virtual Worlds
Personalization of the Web --> Enterprise 2.0
The Web is the New Desktop --> Mobile 2.0 and Google Android
Social Networking --> Niche Social Networking
Blogging --> Corporate Blogging
MultiMedia Sharing --> Employee Community -Various media sharing
Behavioural Marketing --> Customer centric targetting


Maverick said...

What about Shopping 2.0 or eCommerce 2.0?

Better yet, what are your views on eCommerce w.r.t. India?

sachinuppal said...

Good question, though I am a promoter of mCommerce or mobile shopping. Online shopping or ecommerce has been in existance for quite some time now. What I look forward to is mobile commerce. May be Verisign is coming up with Mobile Payment Gateways and secure channels for Mobile payments.

What's your take?

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