Thursday, January 03, 2008

UTV acquires ITNation -,, &

UTV, LSE and ISE listed, media major has apparently acquired ITNation which owns Technology major online portals ,, & .

I see this as one of the 2008's major Media acquisitions further bolstering the 2008 predictions worldwide, of focus moving away from traditional media. And this move clearly shows, how traditional media Big-Wigs are convinced of new media, social media, online portals taking over or atleast fuelling the growth of businesses.

With this acquisition, sooner or later this year, we are bound to see some more similar acquisitions and it's a clear indication that worldwide businesses will have to get geared up to match the competition in 2008.

I do see, how, UTV gets an access to a huge database of highly qualified audience, a large online fan following, a clean carrier to reach athem all and keep their brand leadership and provide more and more relevant content and entertainment through new channels.

A positive move for digital marketeers.

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bharath said...


I know its a old news, but do you know how much its sold for?

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