Friday, January 25, 2008

Popularity – How much is enough?

Popularity – How much is enough?

Whenever I think of how technology has impacted life of people I just feel amazed and the way things have changed so much in the past few years. In today’s world we can’t imagine a research done without help of google. We search almost everything sometimes even our own names on google. And wow, google shows you instance of your name or your footprints on web as search results to you. Sometime people debate on privacy and how people are exposed to the world now. I consider it as a free popularity that you get and you can market yourself as a Brand. But How Much Popularity is Enough?

Just look at the hype everyone creates around new launches like Apple did for iPod, like Hillary Clinton or Obama are doing for elections. How Videos these days talk about the real ground situation as well as present to you a very interactive way of communicating.

How blogging and personal blogs have changed the procedure for buying for a lot of people. We look out for users and opinions from other users and mold our decisions based on recommendations. The negative side of over publicity can be something like when a mediocre singer with some good music in songs like Britney spears gets free popularity. How a website selling Steroids which might be good for health in some cases gets spammed because of some spammers who are selling some harmful drugs.

What would any baseball or cricket team player expect as his popularity? 10000 people knowing him in his state or 1 Million people knowing him in the country…but where does he stop his popularity and says yes, know I am popular?

How much is enough when you want to be popular? And how do you manage your popularity? Good, Bad and the Ugly?

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