Friday, January 04, 2008

WOW Mobility on Drive - A comprehensive Mobile Car Audio for iPods, FM, MP3 and more...

Now this is what I would call complete Mobility on the Drive!

Parrot Car Audio - A WOW Mobility Device

Parrot, a leader in wireless peripherals around the mobile phone, introduced two new innovative and ground-breaking hands-free cell phone systems — one for drivers of cars and trucks, and the other for motorcyclists.
The Parrot SK4000 is a Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)-enabled helmet headset for motor-cyclists that features an FM RDS radio and a wireless mobile remote control for the handlebar, while the Parrot RK8200 is a full-featured Made for iPod(R) FM/AM RDS car stereo that has all the connections necessary to play digital and analog music.
Both units offer Parrot’s premium hands-free cell phone capability while providing a long list of benefits for the car driver or motorcyclist - all standard.

Parrot RK8200 new full-Featured Bluetooth Car Stereo
The Parrot RK8200 is a full-featured Made for iPod FM/AM RDS car stereo that has all the connections necessary to play digital and analog music and that also incorporates a Bluetooth(R) hands-free mobile phone kit. Boasting sophisticated cell phone functions, the Parrot RK8200 stands out with powerful performance, a user-friendly design and the broadest set of features available on the market.

“Consumers today enjoy music from many different sources — from iPodsand MP3s, to mobile phones and FM stereo — so our new Parrot RK8200 stereo receiver accommodates every popular source,” says Ed Valdez, president and COO of Parrot, Inc. “It elevates the car stereo to become a multifunctional audio hub for the car while bringing the best combination of music and mobility. Its full range of audio effects will delight the music lover,while the advanced Bluetooth features provide a smart choice for hands-free cell phone usage while driving.”
Powered by a 4 x 45-watt amplifier, the Parrot RK8200 offers an iPod-specific connector, a USB port for flash drives and MP3 players, a line-insocket for analog sources, an SD card reader and streaming audio viaBluetooth A2DP wireless technology. The Parrot RK8200 also sports aninternal memory that can store over 300 MP3 tracks. Hidden behind theremovable faceplate is a handy storage compartment in which to keep aniPod, mobile phone, MP3 player or USB flash drive.
As a car kit, the Parrot RK8200’s capabilities are unsurpassed, bringing the most advanced hands-free functions together in a simple and easy to use interface. It features automatic phonebook synchronization, complete call records, a total storage capacity of 8,000 contacts, and hands-free call functionality through voice recognition and special Parrot voice synthesis (Text-to-Speech) that reads contact names directly to the user.
To ensure crystal-clear conversations, the Parrot RK8200’s dual microphone makes use of echo cancellation and Parrot’s innovative new Dynamic Choice of Best Microphone (DCBM) noise reduction technology. DCBM detects the position of the person speaking and dynamically chooses the best microphone to use.
Like all Parrot car-kits, the Parrot RK8200 is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth mobile phones on the market. The Parrot RK8200 will be available in Europe and the U.S. in the second quarter of 2008. MSRP to be announced.

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