Friday, July 25, 2008

Bomb Blast in Bangalore - Update 2

Due to multiple and series of Bomb Blasts in Bangalore this afternoon many offices have announced holiday for the rest of the day. Bangalore police is reporting that it was triggered by a timer and some gelatin based material was used. All these bomb blasts happened apparently in just 12 minutes (NDTV reported).

I tried opening AAJTAK's website and it didnt even open, NDTV has done a good job in keeping people informed and updated on the same.

As many offices have given off to the employees, the roads have been jammed. Large IT companies like Wipro, Infosys and TCS has not given the half day off and they are maintaining calm at their campus. Most of the roads are having chaotic traffic and jams because of this. 

As these blasts happened in a busy areas like Madivala (very near to Koramangla) a residential and commercial hub, things might go berserk. However, bangalore police is handling the situation well and asking people to maintain calm.

From the areas affected a small portion has been cordoned off by police men.

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