Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ahmedabad Blasts Update - 16 Blasts, 10 Killed, 100+ Injured

Ahmedabad Blasts Update

According to the sources on NDTV, now its over 16 blasts in the Ahmedabad City which has left 10 killed and over 100+ injured. The scene is really chaotic right now in many parts in Ahmedabad with police trying to shoo away the people with power. This is in favour of the people only as you never know how many blasts have been planned.

Veerappa Moily just now gave a statement that take these blasts as a unified case of blasts and shouldn't be politicized.

Lal Krishan Advani said political angle is not been considered yet...however, later on the agencies can look at that angle too.

These statements are in the wake of the BJP led governements in the cities where these blasts have occured. Agencies like SIMI etc are under scanner now.

I would again like to re-iterate to keep safe and follow the tips which I suggested.

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Chirag Tilva said...

I am completely shocked and horrified after hearing the news. I am worried about what the future intentions of the terrorists would be. For up-to-date eye witness accounts,videos and news and to post your comments and condolences to the victims, visit:

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