Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ahmedabad Blasts - 6 blasts in 30 minutes

Ahmedabad Bomb Blasts - 6 blasts in a series within 30 mins. These bombs were allegedly planted in soft targets like Cycles, Tiffin Boxes, Buses - and with evil intentions in crowded areas ... more news is awaited.

Places where these bombs were planted - Maninagar, Bapunagar, Isanpur, Narol Circle, Sarkhej, Haksar

Ahmedabad Bomb Blasts report: - at around 7.30PM

There are reports of 6 bomb blasts in Ahmedabad - this is as per the news showing in NDTV news channel.

Kindly share if you have any information regarding this.

TIPS to keep safe in a time like this - A public appeal to all Indians:
  • Please keep away from crowded places.
  • Try to avoid traveling for few of days.
  • Inform any suspicious activity to police immediately.
  • Keep general vigilance in and around your vicinity.
  • Do not spread panic, relax and help others.
Keep safe.

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