Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore Bomb Blast - 5 bombs went off

I was just passing by the area where apparently some bomb blast happened. Even though I didn't see any scene of actual bomb exploding there, but I have heard there has been a series of bomb blasts in Bangalore upto 5 of them in multiple places.

The scene was busy with people getting anxious and asking what's going on, however I have not see anything in particular. It was all filled with Police men trying to sort out the chaotic traffic and managing people.

Bangalore has been a high growth city for past 10 years now and has been peaceful. However, it seems like many people do not want that to happen. It can also be a political unrest or some kind of terrorist act. However, in the past couple of years this has been the 3rd biggest incident of Bomb blast in a city like Bangalore.

I wonder sometimes, what leads the people to do something as heinous as this? What do they get personally out of this?

I am sure like Mumbai ... Bangalore is becoming resilient to such instances and will surely come back to normalcy within a day!



Hi Sir,

Why this extreme step is taken by the people. May God reform these people. May God Bless.

Akash Xavier said...


I just got a call from mom asking me not to go out of the house. Its semester holidays for me.

One blast, I heard was in MySore Road, just a few kms away from my house


P.S: I googled Bangalore Bomb Blast and seems like you are first one reporting it :)

Roshan said...

Hi Sachin. I just managed to get the details of ur blog, while searching for it. If you can get more details please do post it.

sachinuppal said...

I was coming back form a lunch at leela palace and saw all this disturbance near Madivala and Forum as my office is just next to forum. Guys please take care.


Danny Sam said...

oh no this is bad for indian software industry..

IT News Bangalore

Just for Fun ;) said...

may be politicians are behind these blasts who knows

nabeel said...

its unfortunate to see such things happening in bangalore where ppl are very friendly.

those who are behind this attack fail to understand that people have short term memory,they forget everything and they just move on with their day to day in the end they end up fooling themself.

i hope such things wont happen in the future.

may God bless everyone.

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