Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ahmedabad Bomb Blasts - Update - 7 Blasts, 2 Killed 20 Injured

Ahmedabad Bomb Blasts - Update 2 - 7 Blasts, 2 Killed 20 Injured, as updated on NDTV.

It's a really disheartening to see how bad the situation is becoming on a daily basis in India. Yesterday, teams were sent from Rajasthan and Delhi to Bangalore to probe the bomb blasts and even the national security guard (NSG) teams were checking the blast sites and trying to find out cues on the sources of the same.

It's becoming evident now that these are all similar kind of blasts which are low intensity blasts and done to disrupt the local population with their daily activities and instill terror in the country.

The perpetrators of this crime should be brought to justice.

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sachinuppal said...

Just heard its 9 blasts...and PM and CM have strongly condemned the blasts.

princeparas said...

hi sachin.

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