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One Two Three Movie Review - Laughter Riot – You will roll and fall, laughing in your chair!

One two three - Movie Review

After working 60 hours a week, all I expect from a movie is something which can make me laugh and make me enjoy my 3 hours in a movie hall. One two three has been a brilliant Riot of Laughter and I got what I wanted from this movie, 3 HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN. I don’t carry my brain to the movie hall, I use it in my office place where it works well for me and if you are looking for a serious plot and a well construed sequence of events, better watch a thriller. This movie is a hilarious riot of laughter and keeps you busy till the fag end.

I watched this movie, this Sunday evening in Vision Cinemas, Bangalore. PVR was running full house and I didn’t get the tickets for the same. I got the tickets in the morning for the evening show in Vision cinemas. The movie was running house full here too and to top it with, I saw 2 extra chairs being laid down in the hall.

It’s a slapstick comedy by the debutante director Ashwini Dhir. He is an award winning writer of the “office office” fame on TV. This entry into the Big Screen is a well thought of “safe formula” of masala and comedy (of errors) for the entry into the big screen entertainment. Thinking from the perspective of director you would want to break-even in your first movie, you need to ensure the movie has some entertainment value, which this movie does.

The story revolves around 3 people who have the same name: Lakshmi Narayan
1) An amateur wannabe DON (Tusshar Kapoor) supported by her mom, who begs in front DON to give Tusshar a chance to murder someone.
2) An over inquisitive employee in a company (Suniel Shetty) who keeps asking questions (even when the DON is about to kill him).
3) A veteran sales man selling Lingerie (Paresh Rawal) who sells it in his car and can see and tell the size of the UGs that a man or women wears.

The movie runs around these 3 main characters and the comedy of errors starts when these three go to Pondy for respective work and land up in the same hotel and their identities get exchanged as all of them are supposed to get information on reaching the hotel. So ONE wannbe DON on a mission to kill, gets the pic of lingerie designer[Esha Deol]. TWO gets the pic of actual DON, Mukesh Tiwari, (to be murdered) and THREE gets the pic of car dealer [Sameera Reddy].

I am not going to reveal the story or the plot. Better you watch it in the movie hall.
Though here are some pointers:

-Witty one liners (makes you rock n roll in your chairs) coupled with comedy of errors in name.
-Individual notable performances by Suniel Shetty (funny), Paresh Rawal (good as usual) and Tusshar Kapoor (Ok, nothing great).
-Also notable performances by Neetu Chandra (impressive), Vrajesh Hirjee(cool), Sanjay Mishra(rocking as always) and Mukesh Tiwari (Papa - was a good concept), Manoj Pahwa (a lil nonsense one liners but they were funny).
-Unable to impress: Esha Deol, Sameera Reddy, Tanisha, Upen Patel (oh BTW tanisha and upen patel had a full dialogue in the movie, that too in hindi ;) )
-Music – Title track was good and catchy, though rest of the songs were very OK, I would say the esha deol song was not even required. So nothing great on the music front.
-Interesting was the background music usage, with 1-2-3 running throughout the movie and Bhen Da Takaas theme.(this was funny, watch it to know it)

The screenplay was average and the direction was fair for the 1st time director. A better and tighter control is needed the next time!

The best part was Suniel Shetty’s non stop questioning sequence all around the movie and that is something which keeps your funny bone tickled! And Paresh Rawal’s ingenious acting with his straight face talk about “kachha-baniyan”.

As I said earlier, if you wish to enjoy and laugh for a change, it’s a must watch! Though if you are of those serious kinds who look for a very serious plot and thrill, this is not for you!

One two three or 1 2 3 is the stepping stone for Ashwini Dhir in the cinema and it’s a welcome step is all what I can say!

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