Friday, March 07, 2008

BIAL HAL Airport Issue - A request from RK Mishra - All bagaloreans unite!

I got the following email from a colleague and I strongly feel against BIAL to be the only airport in Bangalore. Till we have the infrastructure hiccups we should have HAL as well as BIAL airports open.

Please fill-in the survey and share your comments.

A Request from R K MISRA – SAHYOG – A Public Private Partnership Initiative

Dear Friends,

As we are getting closer to the opening date of New International Airport – BIAL
(Bangalore International Airport) , on 30th March, the realization of inadequate infrastructure and impending chaos is making all of us very nervous. I am also part of the High Powered Task force Set-up by the Governor to suggest and implement short and medium term measures.I have attended these meetings and I am extremely concerned with the preparedness of the bureaucracy in terms of adequate infrastructure and management of traffic. It is going to be a chaos and we will take anywhere from 2-3 hours to reach BIAL from South and South East of Bangalore. I plan to do this survey to get to know the public opinion and theirconcerns on this matter. Based on this survey, I plan to take necessary step to find viable solutions including keeping HAL airportfunction, till adequate and affordable infrastructure is provided forall to reach the airport in around one hour.

So please send the above REQUEST along with the LINK below to your employees, industry associations and friends' organizations, whowould be affected by this shift to the BIAL. They need to click onthe link below to complete the survey.http://www.surveymo s.aspx?sm= NsxzXw_2bMMzQrqg GhYbf9LQ_ 3d_3d
R K Misra
Founder Trustee
SAHYOGA Public Private Partnership Initiative


BTW: the prices for a Bangalore - Chennai flight vary between - INR 1000 - 3000. With this new BIAL airport, the prices will shoot up like anything as there is going to be a extra fee of Airport Development levied on each ticket fare. Also, anybody travelling from South of Bangalore would be paying INR 800-1000 only for the Taxi fares and would be spending 3 hours in reaching to the airport for a 45 min journey to chennai.

This is just an example to show how bad the situation will become. All low cost airlines are rallying against it. As well as a common man's dream to travel in an Airline would be shattered as the average cost of travel would include to-and-fro charges to airport + additional fee + cost of ticket+ govt taxes.

I strongly feel against it and there should be both the airports operational till the time government provides a good solution for the same. Please comment and please fill in the survey!

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