Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hotmail goes Gmail ways…What about Yahoo Mail?

Free --> Paid --> (Free from competitor) --> Paid -->Unsuccessful Takeover --> Free

Hotmail has gone the “follow the google” way. With Hotmail giving POP access to all your mails into the LIVE Mail client. Years back Hotmail used to give POP access to Hotmail so that you can download your emails to a local machine. However, later they took away the POP access and made it a paid service. With Gmail taking over a large market share away from Yahoo and Microsoft, and a failed Microsoft’s bid of yahoo. It sounds like a desperate attempt or I should say back to senses approach of providing free POP access.

Now the question that remains: Will Yahoo give Free POP access?

The new LIVE Mail client helps you organize your feeds, emails, contacts and images. Does it sound like a parallel product line following the google product line of Google Picasa and Feed reader?

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