Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ProteinLassi - Healthy Lassi Always!

Protein Lassi - My new recipe to good health!

Today morning when I returned home from my daily gym routine, I noticed that I forgot to bring milk yesterday. It was 9 Am, the nearby shops were still closed. So I was wondering how to satisfy my hungry tummy...

While I was fiddling with stuff in my refrigerator, I saw this container of Curd and the bulb lighted, Lassi, is what I decided to have. However, I thought of getting innovative. I made a concoction, for which the secret formula, is going to patented ;-).

3 Portions Curd + 1 Portion Water + Ice Cubes + Protein Powder = Protein Lassi

Have a chilled glass and enjoy...


Ankit Agrawal said...

You didnt mention how did it taste??!!

sachinuppal said...

Oh its tasted yummy :) Did you try it?

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