Monday, February 02, 2009

M-Seva SMS based Mobile Ticket Booking System for Local Trains

M-Seva Mobile Ticket Booking System For Local trains in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta through Sms

We all travel in local trains every day, especially the Mumbai and Delhi people have seen the lines in local trains. Soon, the local trains will be running in Bangalore too!

Few months back I was traveling in a local train in mumbai and well I was appalled by the ticket booking system. In the age of mobile phones, why do we still have queues and why do we need to swipe and do so many irrelevant things just for buying a ticket?

I was extremely annoyed by the system and I said why can't I book my tickets on my mobile?

Well to answer my own questions, I started thinking...

It was 11 PM and I started jotting down some points on what can be done for making a mobile based ticket booking system.

Well this is not a Novel Idea, but an extension of existing idea of mobile ticketing, however, the difference is that the no of seats are not limited here which is the case in regular train booking system, Mobile Movie Ticketing or any other mobile ticketing system. As you need internet access and you have to select which seat you want etc.

However, in m-Seva the mobile ticket booking system for local trains, you can just use SMS based service and book your tickets.

- A lot of questions were asked to me, on how will anyone check the validity of a ticket?
- How will I buy a ticket? etc

Well it's simple:
Type BO AN and send an SMS to xxxx
this means Borivili to Andheri and this SMS goes to a universal gateway which authenticates the service and you get a confirmation message!

TT can just check the confirmation message and date and you get to know if this is correct or not!

Watch the presentation below to see the detailed idea and business opportunity attached with this...

I am urging the mobile VAS providers, Telecom Service Providers to join hands and come up with this service for making travel easier!

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Mona said...

Hmm, a very good idea..just a it in operation mode or we still have wait for booking our local train tickets through sms.
And what are the other cost involved, like sms charge.
And one more thing, its this service on all the telecom operators or from the selected ones.


sachinuppal said...

Hi Mona,

This is conceptualizing stage right now! I need investors, MVAS companies or some provider who can take up this idea and implement this!

There is a huge opportunity out there. It just needs to be tapped!


a said...

Hi Mona,

adding to Sachins comment,we do have certain novel ideas which can actually make the cost of ownership/operation of a handheld based ticketing cheaper than traditional modes and still have a faster rollout and ease of use advantage.But it needs to be backed up by a VAS facilitator first.

Fedora UK said...

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Yathirajan said...


I am a mobile vas provider.. Could you mail me your contact details and we could discuss further on your ideas.

sachinuppal said...

Yathirajan...I do not have your email ID or contact number to send you my details... i can be reached at sachinuppal AT gmail or yahoo

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