Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mumbai Local Trains Stopped by Protestors

4th Feb 2009: 10.00 AM - This is a 1st hand account where I have seen and recorded the Mumbai Local Trains breakdown.

Protesters have stopped Mumbai Local Trains today morning and thousands of daily commuters have been stranded and they are walking to nearby stations and there is an utter chaos all around the city. News is coming from various local railway train stations in mumbai. Protestors have blocked Western Line, Borivili, Kandivili, Malad, Goregaon, Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, and many more Railway Stations affected. Watch the Video coverage here.

Apparently people are demanding for more trains to be started because of massive rush in all the local trains and the inconvenience it causes people every day morning.

The local trains are jam packed and there is not even enough space to breathe. People are subjected to so much inconvenience that literally people punch and push you. Not to mention that people who have paid over Rs. 1000 for their passes for First Class compartments they also have to travel like a general class dabba as the number of wagons for 1st class is very limited.

This kind of poor service of the railways has highlighted earlier, however, today morning suddenly commuters have decided to take the situation and government to the task.

Today morning's scene was horrible and so many people have been affected and so much of inconvenience has been caused to the daily commuters. People have got late to their offices, many appointments have been canceled and there is complete chaos and unruly behaviour at stations. Especially women passengers who had to walk down after getting down from trains, all sorts of people are taking cheap advantages.

This also makes me wonder, why always people have to take things in there hand and the government doesn't seem to take it up on there own?

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