Monday, May 26, 2008 naseba is hiring LIVE ON AIR on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM

Monaco based Multinational, naseba, is hiring LIVE ON AIR for the first time in the history of Indian Radio. Today morning Mr. Liam Findlay, Global Chief Marketing Director was in interview with Morning RJ Ayesha Dsouza and introduced naseba in Bangalore, LIVE ON AIR on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM and talked about the culture of the company and what naseba does. Also, he gave some tips on how to handle stress interviews and how Scott Ragsdale, CEO of naseba will fly down from Monaco to Bangalore to hire sales people LIVE on Radio Indigo in a stress interview.

To learn more about jobs at naseba visit to get some tips on how to handle stress interview visit this previous entry of mine. To apply for jobs at naseba send your resumes to

What Does naseba do?
naseba is a business information company. naseba produces, promotes and hosts strategic business platforms using a conference, congress, expo or forum format - depending on the market - with the ultimate focus on knowledge expansion, networking but most importantly maximizing deal-making opportunities for all our executive clients.

naseba is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

naseba now has 10 streams of international products:
- CXO Strategies
- Healthcare
- Human Services
- Infrastructure
- Transport & Logistics
- Energy & Environment
- Travel & Tourism
- Investment
- Telecoms & IT

Some more TIPS to handle the interview and what are we looking for:
-We are looking for Sharp people who are aggressive and have a “Make It Happen Attitude
-They should dress sharply … here are some sharp business dressing tips on to what to do and how to dress in a professional atmosphere.
-They shouldn’t take NO as an answer.
-They should be very confident and should be able to talk to the CEO level audience over the phone.
-Should be quick thinkers on their feet and should be crisp, clear and to the point.

I will be updating this section with more tips and points soon…keep posting your comments!

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