Monday, May 05, 2008

CIO Strategies India : Whitepaper on Data-Leakage and Security

CIO Strategies for Emails and Electronically Stored data Do Data-Leakage and Security concern you as the IT Decision maker of your organization? 80% of key IT decision makers have this specific concern. naseba brings you an exclusive 35 page research report by Enterprise Strategy Group on Data-Leakage Prevention.
Key questions addressed in the report:
• How much confidential data do organizations have today? Where is it located? Do organizations classify and track the movement of this data?
• Have organizations experienced data breaches? If so, were these breaches the result of internal or external attacks? Were they malicious in nature?
• What were the business ramifications of these breaches? Did they have any direct financial impact such as a loss of revenue or employee productivity?
• How do organizations detect these breaches? Can they detect malicious activities that may be early warning signs of an impending breach?
Also you can register for CIO Strategies Forum India online here and you can also download the nomination form for CIO India Awards 2008 here.

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