Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Innovative Apple iPhone - Half Baked PR and Marketing Genius

I do not doubt the innovation genius behind Apple’s success. However, iphone was launched half baked and the PR and Marketing departments at Apple did the trick.

Apple’s strong brand has been able to drive the initial sales in US and they were able to sell millions. However, tech geeks that follow the mobile markets did not approve of the technical prowess of iPhone. There are 10 times better phones available in market than iPhone (eg LG Viewty) and Apple treated the customers shoddily by introducing the iPhone half baked with low memory options initially and no 3G.

For obvious reasons people in countries like Europe haven’t accepted the “growing” iPhone and UK’s Sunday Times reported potential losses to the stock owners as people are not buying it.

Probably, Steve Jobs did a brilliant job in US while launching it and the PR and marketing teams created a huge hype around the launch of iPhone. The blogs were buzzing, videos were roaming across youtube, newspapers online and offline were talking, Steve himself gave a brilliant on stage launch pitch. Even investors, analysts, technical specialists everyone was kept in the good books.

And then, suddenly the pretty looking, sturdy, touch based gadget which can take pictures, organize and play music and make phone calls too, was launched. Oh within 2 months of launch the prices were slashed along with a special apology from Steve. And then another version with higher memory option was launched and now there is news on anvil that the 3G version would be launched as the analysts were unhappy with 3G missing.

iPhone’s success in US is a clear success story of what PR and Marketing can achieve for you even when your product might not be the best in the industry!

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