Saturday, April 19, 2008

Avoiding Email Marketing Blunders - Refer to your checklist

Email marketing is not about just sending out emails. This is the art and science of building long term relations and driving revenue for the organization. In today's fast changing world of e-mail marketing, an for attention to details along with an reasoning based attitude is necessary to avoid embarrassment and lost revenue opportunities for the sender.

Here is Karen Gedney's article on email checklist, which I read last year and I must say it's a very good read for email marketers.

On a day to day basis, when we keep doing the same job, we feel that we know it all. Though when you start exploring it more, is when you understand that there is so much more to it. The day we start believing that we know it all is the day you stop learning more and the moment you stop learning or you lose the will to learn more, you are nothing more than a dead man.

As Scott Ragsdale pointed out in his blog "Jack Murphy Syndrome", it's very easy to fall in trap of this syndrome and become incomplacent. But people who are consistent and committed and who want to learn more are the ones who would succeed. Not just in this form of marketing, however, in their lives.

Reading, Learning More and following industry trends is as important as your breakfast and missing it would make you slack physically or mentally. As I point out sometimes, Sharpening the Saw (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), is one of the most important activities and its not just physical fitness but also mental fitness what matters!

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