Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is naseba?

A lot of people have been asking me recently, what is naseba? Well here is your FAQ answered...

Q) What is naseba?

A) The word naseba comes from a Japanese idiomatic expression: "when there is a will there is a way." naseba can be translated, "if you make it happen." naseba is Business Information (BI).

We are committed to provide BI to the entire online community without them paying any charge for the same. We are a product company and our products are Strategic Business platforms like Congresses, Forums, Conferences or Expos.

Q) Is naseba Event Management Company?


We produce, promote and host our own strategic business platforms using a conference, congress, expo or forum format - depending on the market - with the ultimate focus on ‘knowledge expansion’, ‘networking’ but most importantly maximizing ‘deal-making’ opportunities for all our executive clients.

Q) How are you unique from other similar events companies?

A) Let me answer this in bulleted format:

  • We are into providing you with Business Information for your strategic decision making.
  • We don’t host someone else’s events.
  • We host our own Strategic Business Platforms for business information exchange.
  • We give commitment in our contract, in black and white, the target number of people attending our event.
  • Pre-scheduled One-to-One business meetings.
  • A complete delegate directory with contact information & pre-course questionnaire to help you uncover the needs of the prospective client in advance.
  • Open business meeting to ensure you do not miss out on meeting any delegates you would want to meet.
  • Table sponsorship opportunities to maximize your visibility.
  • Limited numbers of suppliers to ensure you are not surrounded by your rivals.

  • Hope this makes us as a “unique” company!

    Q) What products does naseba have?
    A) naseba provides 4 streams of international products:

    Travel & Tourism Series - 10 strategic congresses focused on maximizing networking and deal-making opportunities for Travel & Tourism professionals.

    CXO Strategies - designed exclusively for CXOs by CXOs providing a UNIQUE mix of best practice and knowledge sharing in a problem-solving environment.

    Global Expansion Series - a dynamic two-day platform created for busy decision makers to conduct business in their respective infrastructure sectors through prescheduled, one-to-one business meetings interwoven with re-educational sessions and the ultimate networking parties.

    Knowledge Expansion - a conference format with a networking approach, focused on dynamic re-education for busy upper-level executives who do not attend vendor-driven conferences.

    Q) How old is your company, some company history details?

    A) In order to climb to the next level and expand more aggressively - further proving to make things happen - naseba did a reverse takeover of MM Finance, a company listed on the Marché Libre of the Paris Stock exchange - therefore, on October 5th, 2006 naseba proudly went public.
    Since inception in 2002, naseba has expanded its portfolio of worldwide executive congress and forums to 60 annual strategic B2B platforms covering 26 different industries.

    As a leading global business information company with headquarters in Monaco, naseba has offices strategically located in eight cities around the world and employs over 200 executives from more than 30 nationalities.

    We are multicultural, dynamic and focused on making it happen.

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