Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Movie Tickets Sold Out in 60 minutes

Harry Potter and the order of phoenix, Movie Tickets Sold Out in 60 minutes!

Yesterday afternoon I visited PVR in Forum Mall, Bangalore, to purchase tickets for the movie long awaited movie Harry Potter and the order of phoenix, at 3 PM. They told me that the booking will start at 5 PM. So I went back and then again reached at 5.45 PM. And to my amazement, there was a long never ending queue. Within 5 minutes the person at the booking counter announced that the tickets for Harry Potter - the order of phoenix are sold out for the entire Saturday and Sunday(21-22 July 2007).

With a long face, I returned to my office and started working. Just thinking that the demand is much more than the Supply. Or may be there are too many Harry Potter fans in bangalore! This is the 2nd week of the movie and still the tickets are not available.

Real estate companies might want to look at this and start more new movie theatres in bangalore!

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