Saturday, September 25, 2010

Building a Social Culture in Organization

Building a Social Culture in Organization
We all are social beings. We all want to be recognized personally and professionally. In today’s time, it’s important to build our personal brand to be recognized well not just within the organization but also, in the outside world.

Question: What is that the organizations like Facebook, Forrester, McKinsey, Google, Linkedin, Twitter etc. do differently to build their company culture and how is it beneficial for the individuals and the organizations?

Answer: They help their teams to grow personally and professionally by building personal brands. The organizations help individuals to identify their strengths, weaknesses and set goals and help them achieve those goals.

What’s in it for the Individuals?
·         It helps the individuals to receive personal and professional growth.
·         It pushes individuals to keep themselves updated and active on the latest in the industry relevant to their work.
·         It helps them identify their short term and long term goals and keeps them focused on achieving those goals.
·         It builds a culture of being socially humble: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.
·         It helps them align with the business goals and bring in collaborative growth.

What’s in it for the Company?
·         Social culture helps organizations to attract and retain brilliant talent in the organization.
·         It helps the organization to see the contributions of the individuals who go beyond the call of duty and identify star performers and reward them.
·         It helps the organization to be seen in a positive light in the market / relevant industry.
·         Helps in identifying the common growth areas and how to help individuals in achieving those goals.
·         Helps in aligning human resources with business goals.
·         It fosters an environment of multi-cultural growth, collaboration and razor sharp work force.
·         It helps the stakeholders of the company (including customers, shareholders, investors etc) to see that the company has the right talent to grow as well as

How to achieve this?
Simple: Let’s start by getting social!

But how to be social?
  • Connect with your community.
  • Learn from your community.
  • Innovate and share with your community.
What else?

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