Saturday, May 08, 2010

Startup Tip - Take care of those 21% of your customers.

Experimental data driven learning teaches you a lot about how to run a business. One small tip that I wanted to share...

Divide your customers in 3 buckets-
1) Majority revenue generators (generally 20%)
2) Majority influencers (generally 1%)
3) The rest majority.

The first 20% bucket will help you generate bread and butter for the founding team. They are also, the ones who will be your BIG WOM revenue generators, so, please provide them the tools to share it with their circle.

The 1% bucket is extremely important. These are your BETA enthusiasts. They are active on Social Media. They like to Blog, Tweet, Share on Facebook and create innovative marketing recommendation for your product. They drive Word of Mouth for you. The challenge is not only to keep them happy, however, to first identify them correctly and then think of innovative ways tot keep them occupied.

Take care of this 21% of customers and rest 79% shall follow suite.


Kamal Kant Kaushal said...

this is source of getting updated knowledge.

Kamal Kant Kaushal said...

this is really source of getting knowledge.

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