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Reliance Broadband Netconnect - HORRIBLE | HORRENDOUS

Reliance Broadband Netconnect - New 3.1 MBPS - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERINCE and SERVICE

I had BAD experience with them till now...and it’s still going on...

Last month I was just browsing in my office and saw this Ad which said Reliance Broadband 3.1 MBPS new USB based connection. 20x high speed etc.

I got excited and clicked on the ad and went to a website where they asked for the contact details and there was an option to BUY NOW or Pay on delivery.

I thought let me buy it right away as I was waiting for some some high speed internet connection and I had tried their previous 2 MBPS one and the speed was OK. So I thought this one would be better...

Now, this is how the story unfolds:

1) March 17 - I attempted online Booking. Result transaction failure.

2) March 18 - I get a mail from reliance for Booking Confirmation.

3) March 25th and 27th two more Emails on Reliance Netconnect promotions

4) Also, I get calls in the middle which I don’t remember on which days asking me that if I confirm that I want to buy reliance netconnect broadband.

5) Then considering it had been over 2 weeks, so I again clicked on one of the ads and this time chose the option on Payment on Delivery. This time again I get a call and the Sales Executive says please go to this URL and make a payment.

6) The sales executive calls me 2-3 times on 29th to make a payment and I made a payment on 29th March and I do not get any confirmation email. Then I call up the same number from where I got the initial calls to make payments. And they confirm that yes they have got the payment. And they also inform that someone will come to my office in 2 days to deliver the product and collect the documents.

7) I didn’t hear from anyone and I tried calling but couldn’t go through...till 2nd April and nothing happens. I again called and they tell me that the status is showing POD. Then the Sales executive asks me to send all the details in the most broken english as they can...and after sending the proof of payment they started processing.

From: []

Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2009 11:51 AM
Dear sir,
sir pleas send me the oll details --
(Sales Advisor)
Reliance Net Connect Team
Online Deals
Noida8) After this I get a confirmation that in 1 day my card will be delivered and I got the card on 3rd April. The guy asks for couple of documents and pictures and goes away.

9) On 4th april some guy from this company calls me and tells me that one document is missing. Then he gets that document collected on the same day at 4 Pm. He couldn’t submit my documents the same day as it reached him at 9 PM.

10) 6th april he stop taking my calls and the customer support centre says they dont have any of my details...7th April the guy picks my call for 5 secs and disconnects in a moment saying he is in reliance office and docs have been submitted.

11) However, till today nothing has happened, no one seems to be responding, customer service says call the company from where you purchased. The company from where I purchased dont pick up calls and dont respond. No response on email too.

12) I called the local reliance webworld and the guy there tells me contact the same company where you purchased it from ... we cant to do anything... or wait for 3 more days....

It’s been 9 days since I made the payment and the device is till not active for me! Now I am just thinking what will happen next...

I am also thinking, that when reliance is not selling this directly from their reliance web worlds then aren’t they responsible for their channel partners? How stupid is this way of running operations? I am extremely unsatisfied with the way their highly unprofessional sales channel and support has operated till now. Is someone listening?????????


sachinuppal said...

Update 1 - Horrible, Horrendous, Pathetic. 10 days since payment, my connection still not active.

Reliance is selling this through Vriti Infocom.
Vriti Infocom is a channel partner for Reliance Communication and they followup on the leads generated. So they basically call people up, lure them further to make quick online payments and then screw their happiness.

I called up Vriti multiple times and most of the times they didn’t pick up my call. But by chance if they do pick up my call, they just say ’’sir we will call you back with the status’’.

Which they obviously never call back. Today somehow I managed to talk to the Vriti agent in Mumbai and he told me the entire process and how screwed the process is. He identified himself as Gaurav.

Vriti infocom’s delhi office has someone called Aamir and Piyush and Sweety whom I have spoken to and they are the ones who are running this....poor operation.

So the Vriti Infocom guys collect papers from the customers and submit it to Reliance office and the reliance people process it and then send people for physical verification. The physical verification guy doesn’t call up before verification and there is no date given to you on when the verification will happen. So if I am a working professional staying alone, that means I can basically never get this connection as these guys work on weekdays for verification and i am working on weekdays...and there is no one at my home who can verify. When the guy who collected the papers came he came to my office to collect the documents. I gave my office address everywhere. But they went to home to verify and came back with negative verification results. I don’t understand how can they be so incompetent and how can there be no track of anything at all...every time I have to call and explain the same thing.

My sincere request PLEASE DO NOT BUY this unless you want to be harassed by them the same way!

sachinuppal said...

Update 2
Someone from Vriti Infocom called me and told me all same old bu!!$#!( and said please call reliance customer care. I told him boss...I have done that multiple times. So dont waste my time and get the connection activated. And that guy didnt have any answer but to just say please call reliance customer care.

Reliance Customer Care
Called that number, the lady picked up and asked all sorts of questions which I have explained 10 times already and then again she had the standard reply...sorry for inconvenience...we will look into the matter and somethign will be done in 48 hours.

10 Days post purchase, Card still not active.

What I dont understand is that even after taking all the documents and everything like online payment etc. What more they want to confirm????

And if you want to do whatever that BUT 1st ACTIVATE the connection and then keep doing whatever you want in BACKEND. Pathetic processes, Pathetic Supply Chain, Pathetic Channel partners!

sachinuppal said...

Update 3

Finally I have got calls from Vriti Infocom and Reliance both that my connection will be activated on a priority basis and they were sorry for the delay. The operations head from vriti has been really cooperative...let’s see what happens next!

I am positive that once the connection is activated this would be a good internet connection as the core reason for me to buy this was a high speed...

Just to give an idea, this USB based device is made by Huawei and is being marketed by Reliance and tata leveraging their sales channel and marketing experience.

My office colleague also wanted to buy Reliance but then because of all the hassle that I went through he decided to buy the Tata Indicom Wireless broad band where everything is same except that Tata is promoting and they are charging for the device.

However, their Unlimited Package is Rs. 1250...So if you calculate, in just 6 months Tata and reliance plans will be at a break-even cost from the user’s perspective and the Tata Indicom plan would then be actually cheaper!

I hope someone in Reliance Broadband is listening..

sachinuppal said...

Update 4

Today my connection was supposed to be ’’DEFINITELY’’ activated. However, after I inquired on email, I got a phone call and I was told that can you please wait for 1 more day as the address verification is still showing negative.

And surprisingly the address verification team still doesn’t think it’s necessary that they should call a customer before they visit a customer (even after 2 cycles of failed verifications). BRILLIANT...

I am really failing to understand why a company would spend time and resources knowing that the result is going to be a FAILURE in advance when they know that just a small tweak in the procedure can save them, money, hassle and bring customer satisfaction.

Here is an algorithm that people can follow:

Round 1 - It’s expensive to call everyone before verification. Go ahead and try verification. Result - Verified and Un-Verified customers.

Round 2 - for unverified customer, give a call and tell them the status and ask them to be present on X date around Y time at their home for verification. Result - Majority Verified.

Very Difficult HUH?

ultideep said...

I also feel like cheated and made fool. I m fed up of the poor response of their Jaipur branch. The address is as follows:

Reliance Communications Ltd.
D-69, Sardar Patel Marg,
C-Scheme, Jaipur-302001

1) I have paid for the service on 22/05/2009 through cheque and by now 29/05/2009 I am waiting for broadband connection. I was promised to get the connection on 25/05/2009 by Mr. R.D. Sharma

2) Mr. R.D. Sharma's mobile is switched off. So he is safely out from this story. His duty was just to get the cheque from me. No follow up was needed from him.

3) IT is 29/05/2009. I didn't get any response from Mr. Subhash (9351254346) by now. It's amazing even he is a senior executive in a company having wide communication network (Reliance) though he hasn't come to know about the status by now or maybe he doesn't care about customers.

4) But one thing I got from this company is many Ph. Nos. Call them and enjoy the game. The game of sending you from one Ph. no. to

Here they are:

Mr. Ashok - 9314004385

Mr. R.D. Sharma - 9352628610 (switched off by now too)

Mr. Subhash - 9351254346 (Don't ask about the status he will let you know himself but can't say when. If you ask about the status he may get mad at you)

Ph. Nos. for FI clearance - 01413031754, 01413031734

You might be thinking that I have gone crazy who is writing the whole story. It doesn't matter what you people think about me or other customers. Things that matter is what I and other customers think about the company.

My complaint is that in this whole incident I got about more than 10 calls before paying but after paying I didn't get a single call back for my query. Every time I had to call to hear their lame excuses.

It doesn't matter whether I get their services or not because there are several other companies too. But now I can't suggest any of my known or unknown people to go for their services. It's a horrible experience for me.


Deepak Negi
Ph. No. 09928242899

sachinuppal said...

@Deepak - I completely sympathize with you...its extremely annoying...

They sent me a bill of Rs. 12,500 for the 1st month when my plan was 2 months free with 10GB limit...

After 10 calls from there and my side, it got resolved and the removed the bill...

lets see what's more in the kitty...

samjosh said...

@sachinuppal I can relate to your experience. I had a very bad experience with these guys.

I bought the usb modem on 04th July. And still not activated after two negative verification results.(They went to my home for verification at my office hours).

I got frustrated and have lost hope on them. :(

sachinuppal said...

Well after all the trouble and the drama...finally I got my connection activated and bill issues the connection speed is fantastic...and I am having a good time...though I am yet to get a bill for the usage and I wonder what will happen with that...

sachinuppal said...

My friend lost my Relaince net connect device. So I called and set to block my device and I told them I dont want to buy a new one.

HOwever, somehow they decided that they should continue to charge me and finally I closed my connection and I had to pay for 2 months when I didn't even use my connection.

Brilliant Reliance chaps!

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