Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How long will you wait to get your product after payment?

In today's fast paced world, how long do you think you will wait to get your product after you have made the payment?

I have waited over 17 days already to get my Reliance Broadband Wireless Internet connection and its still not active. While the channel sales partner of Reliance - Vriti Infocom is doing something (which I am not sure what) and Reliance customer support department is also working hard to improve it's image (though their actions don't seem to say anything of that sort).

Placing your trust in a company to buy their product is a decision which everyone takes on a day to day basis. I took this decision and I am repenting. But does this affect the company at all?

Doesn't seem to...

But this makes me wonder does social media in today's time (while helping to build awareness) can build Negative Awareness too about the companies and their policies and the way they handle customers?

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