Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top 100 CEO Blogs | Sales Motivation Capsule

"Inspiration" "Motivation" Growth path ... yes this all is what you would get while you go thorugh my CEOs blog.
I would consider my CEOs blog among the TOP 100 CEO Blogs in the world. A must read for all Sales guys and keep themselves motivated Each Day, Every Day. Scott is one of those people who can be called epitome of "Doing things as much as saying" and as he says "if it was easy" ... anybody could have done it ... not everyone can make it happen.

A few people in this world actually "Make It Happen" and Scott is my inspiration and my motivation for making it happen.

Scott's passion for adventure sports made him cross the deserts in a marathon race marathon-des-sables-southern-morocco ... while I was reading this entry, I was just getting more passionate about what I do and it motivated me to "DO" more...

Oh by the way if you were wondering what made me get a new look ... you know now my motivation now...

Will be back soon.

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