Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gujarat riots - Shame, Disgrace,Genocide or Dictatorship

Recent sting operation by Tehelka exposing the Gujarat government's machinery's involvement in fuelling the riots, as well as the brutal involvement of Hindu fundamentalist groups in executing the same is a sheer shame, disgrace and a clear case of genocide.

Having said that it makes me wonder is it what i just mentioned or is it the clear case of Dictatorship in a Democratic country? Is it the same India which calls itself Secular? Are we the same Indians who call ourselves proudly as Secular and Democaratic?

Strangely I don't know whether people would want to continue to stay in a state where the people can't trust the government, police, and other agencies.

The real shame is that after 4 years of actual riots we get to know about the truth and still the government is in power and no one seems to take any action on it?

So it's like we are secular and democratic country but just for one incident please excuse us ,as it was a public outrage. Wow what a logic which came from the government...

I feel sad about such incidents, the only hope is that there are agencies which are still working to expose such henious crimes. I thought if not anything else I should voice my opinion through this medium.

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