Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just Go and Tell...

Now guys I am no poet or anything near to that but whatever I have written below is one of the entries that I sent for a internal contest...so thought to put in here!!!!

Would love to read comments on this!!!!

Just go and tell!

She came into my life and I was gliding through sky,

She did some cute things and made those butterflies fly.

I always cared for her and wanted her to be beside me,

Always loved her and used to think what she feels for me!

I always wanted to tell her how much I cared and love her,

But just stopped before making the final stir!

But soon I realized that it’s me, who loves her and not her,

She always took me as a friend; it was I who was in fuzz!

Now she is now gone; happy and content,

But who am I kidding; It was I who went to that extent!

But soon I realized this is so close to the life,

When did I tell her I always wanted her to be my life!

I loved her with my whole heart feeling every single pain she had,

But when did I go and tell her about the feeling that I had?

I loved her and felt the pain she had,

But when did I tell her the feeling that I had?

With this question intriguing me in my life,

Now I learnt to get over this mental strife!

It made me realize that one has to just go and tell,

How you feel, you have to go and break the spell!!!


Kiran said...

yaar font increase karde..

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walk with me..paradise is just round the corner said...

hi there,
i wanted to say some thing to you.
The poem that you've just written is so realted to me that i had to copy your poem and keep it in my blog... i am so sorry if i am indulging in this crime of taking away your peom... but it actually describes me..
i am very sorry.. but you have put it in the very right words and it is a lovely script.
i apologise for the same.

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