Thursday, May 12, 2005

College days part 1

College Days....I did my engineering staying away from home for 4 yrs (not continuous, as in, use to frequent home) and had a GR 8 time in college…
Again I had an 8 guys group @ college and we used to go to various colleges all over India to attend the various Cultural and Technical fests…
I’ve been to BITS Pilani, IIT Delhi, NSIT Delhi, DCE Delhi, REC Jalandher, Thapar Patiala, PEC Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panipat…..and the list goes on
We were a mast group with guys who were best @Dance,music,quizzing,debating,JAM,skits,plays,singing,dancing,presentations,Literary events, marketing events…etc etc
We won a lotta event and used to collect a lotta certificates…J
Had a tremendous fun @collig…I was into Hosting, Organizing etc for various events…and even I organized Blood Donation camp in our collig…I was a regular Blood Donor so it struck me that I can organize the whole event…And even in Wipro I have consistently month after month won some prizes in extra curricular and hosted some events @Wipro Technologies level..!!!
In college I used to be a bit short tempered however from the time I have joined this job I have mellowed down. I have become very patient, I listen to others very meticulously and that has actually made me a mature and sensitive person. Now I don’t react to situations rather I respond to situations!

However sometimes if some1 really gets on my nerves then there r 2 options…either I’ll blast him/her or won’t talk to them ever!
Now don’t get scared…generally it doesn’t happen and I most of the time forgive people!!!

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