Monday, March 07, 2005


Every day when i look at my tummy...I feel i should get rid of at least some more pounds!!!
Now don't let your assumptions go not FAT its just that am slightly overweight u can say some 4-5 Kgs but then this flab can be done away with soon by Working Out in a GYM!!!

How easy it seems to say this...the reality shows its teeth to you in Morning when you have to break the warm envelope of your bed sheet...
It won't let u break itself in the first go and then ur inner self may stop u further and say don't go dude u can make up for this tomorrow!
WARNING: Don't let these tantrums of ur bed sheet stop you anymore...I have Won over this and I would say this to all you won't find any other day to start this...If u want something to happen its Now and Right now!!!

The moment I broke that shield of laziness around me...I found myself in GYM and that to Live Fresh and Kicking!
Only a person who workouts can experience this feeling of Freshness and Strength around him/Her!

And now I am loving it...everyday I look forward to go to GYM and workout and get rid of that xtra flab around me! Ya I know it will probably take some regular effort of 2 months but am not afraid of it and am face to face with this challenge!

If you would have read 7 habits of Highly effective people then in his book he tells about "Sharpening the Tool" which means sharpening the body which has made the world go around it! So it becomes really necessary to go and Workout regularly! Exercise should be made a habit instead of just being a monthly endeavor...

Working out doesn't necessary means you have to push and pull those heavy monstrous weights on those Big machines...there are so many other exercises which are for cardio and other parts of body which helps u to be in shape and once u get in the habit of it...u'll start enjoying it and u'll love it!!!

So wish me luck that I continue with this and make it a Habit of mine!

All the best to all 4 there Workout!

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Kiran said...

u keep eating pizzas like this.... and yehi ho ga..

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