Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Chun Chu sounds...

Ok the topic name suggests that am gonna write something about some weird sounds...and that is absolutely what I am gonna write about.
Now you must be wondering what is this “chun chu”sound. Ok so lemme take you to the world of rust. You must be knowing that when things get old and don't get proper oiling they get rusty...and that is the time when they start producing this weird and embarrassing “chun chu”sounds.
Now just imagine sitting in a conference hall and the chair that you are sitting in creates this “chun chu” sound...and the client is giving some presentation...its almost an embarrassing situation which you can't avoid. I don’t know how to avoid that situation and u obviously can’t sit in a position without moving for a long time…and the moment you’ll move that “chun chu” sounds comes…!

Now this is my rant against our office Library, am always interested in reading some things in our library so frequent there. First to start with, any place with a size of 12 ft by 10 ft shouldn’t b called a library and not then when it hosts 5 computers to surf net too, in it. Now even if we accept that mini room as a library then we should at least get some feeling of a library in there.

Just imagine people sitting on computers surfing net, typing emails, chatting to friends on messenger and you are sitting and trying to concentrate on a business strategy or something…I don’t know how much can make out of that reading in such an atmosphere.

Now the icing on the cake is the “Chun Chu” sound that will echo in that tiny room. The moment you turn to adjust your butt, it will create that same funny noise. You move in front or you relax your back you are bound to hear that sound which will tickle your ribs and bring a grinn on your neighbor’s face.

And the moment your face starts going red in embarrassment you will hear that sound again from the guy sitting across the table and that sends a relaxation signal down your spine…and now this is the time when that grin should appear on your face.

Oh I forgot that was a library and we were supposed to read something over there and to get some knowledge but this “Chun Chu” sound won’t let you go ahead.

So I have a simple request to the guys in the admin that they can loosen up there pockets a bit more and get us those chairs which won’t make that “Chun Chu” sound!

Thanks for patiently reading my rants!

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