Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Update 1 - Is Google angry with Facebook?

Facebook Applications crash on Google Chrome. Is this just a Google Chrome Beta nuance or a dirty tactic of google? Well many Facebook applications are apparently not working on Google chrome and facebook users who would wish to try and use chorome are getting annoyed. 

This has left me wondering if Google Chrome left these issues unhandled in the BETA launch deliberately? Some time back Facebook with it's popularity and a strong product as well as a high performing team attracted  many people from Google. Even though no one could do anything about it but does that mean google played dirty this time?

After the BETA launch yesterday over 100,000 users have downloaded the Google chrome and people have started testing various website compatibilty on Google Chrome. However, many websites are facing issues with Applet loading, pages being skewed, security settings not customizable etc.

Well few simple examples: 
Auto cleanup of the browsing data feature when the window is closed is not there.
Popup enable feature is not there.
Favourtites folder is not there. 

Yes may be Dynamic Bookmarks is the next level of browsing but can we customize our browser or do we have to go by Google's Verdict?

Well, Google Chrome is here to WOW the users and I am sure they are listening....

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sachinuppal said...

BTW the applications are working perfectly fine on Orkut.

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