Monday, December 31, 2007

Is there a need for Mobile Information Company, like

In my previous post on Mobile Devices, I mentioned about Static IP addresses for all mobile, hand held or electronic devices, talking to each other over wireless networks.

So a question crossed my mind, is there a need for Mobile Information companies like (web information company).

Not just that, in today's world, when there are so many email service providers like ExactTarget, VerticalResponse, SubscriberMail, vTrenz, Bronto, Silverpop, Strongmail and many more...we are headed for mobile mail delivery providers as well as mobile content delivery providers.

In Email delivery, one of the key challenge is ensuring the mail doesn't go to the SPAM box, which depends on a lot of things, most importantly the reputation of the service provider. Websites like provide email vendor's reputation with various ISPs and give a score which says how well recepted a specific IP address of a specific vendor is.

With Mobile Marketing Association getting more and more active in recent times, they have now laid down the guidelines for Mobile marketing in various regions. I see a need for a mobile information companies which will be monitoring the Mobile Carriers and Mobile VAS operators for delivering the content on the mobile phones and will give a credibility rating suggesting if the incoming messages are being blocked by a user.

Well, till now call barring is what I am aware of. However, as we go forward, with more and more marketers tending to leverage mobile media for marketing, there need to be some controlling guidelines put into place. Does this gives rise to Mobile Information Company?

Do share your comments about the same...

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