Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The USUAL Scenario outside Forum just next to my Office!

The UN-USUAL Scene in the evening sky over Forum!

Usual is to see long waiting queues of traffic in front of my office. Hosur road and surrounding areas. Well it takes me 5 minutes to walk down to my office. And if i drive by car it takes 15 minutes. Bangalore traffic is becoming pathetic day by day. And no solution seems to be in pipeline.

Unusual was the large number of eagles flying over the Forum and its vicinity last Friday evening. I was working in the office and suddenly my boss Liam called me out and asked me, why do you think these birds are so frantically flying all over the place? Well not just me, we were like 3-4 people and offcourse human nature prompted everyone with his or her own theory! This was a very strange thing which i saw for the first time. I don't particularly know why it happened, however, what sounded a good logic from Zafar was that, it became dark suddenly that night so the birds lost their time tracking mechanism.

Anyways, if you seem to know why it post in your comments.

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